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Eternal Procession

Varanasi, India, 2017

I spend my days gazing at the Ganges, a sacred river. For centuries, people have come to dip in its waters to purify themselves and to bury their loved ones. The fires on its banks burn endlessly, a testament to a tradition that has been perpetuated for millennia.

As I walk along its banks, I see a procession approaching, accompanying a deceased person. According to custom, the body is bathed in the Ganges, and then taken to a funeral pyre to be cremated. This ceremony, practiced since ancient times, aims to purify the soul and help it reach Nirvana.

I am moved by the solemnity of this scene, a witness to a tradition that transcends generations. The flames crackle, carrying away the spirit of the departed, to eternal peace. It is a moment imbued with spirituality and respect for life and death.

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