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India and Sri Lanka

The Beauty of a People

I am happy to present this series of sixty photographs, as well as the exhibition and book that resulted from it, the fruit of my photographic expeditions in India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. These three countries have been an endless source of inspiration and discovery for me, and I have had the opportunity to meet and photograph many amazing people during my travels.

Far from being just a journalistic report, this photographic series is above all dedicated to humanity, to these people whom I had the honour of meeting, discovering their story and photographing. Using my photography and accompanying texts, my goal is to bring out the deepest feelings and inner beauty of each person I met on my journey. This work is also a call for reflection on the other, on these people who often live in precarious conditions, as well as a reflection on ourselves and the place and responsibilities we must assume as human beings.

I therefore invite you to dive into these pages and discover humanity in all its facets, through the eyes of my photographs and the texts that accompany them. You will discover unique and moving stories that will take you on a journey through these countries and introduce you to different cultures and ways of life. I hope this photographic series will touch you as much as it touched me when I met all these wonderful people and inspire you to open up to others and reflect on your place and responsibilities in this world.

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